I used to watch Perry Mason on television a lot when I was a kid. I loved the edgy black-and-white film; the unlikely plots; the relentless drive for truth. Not to mention the cars. What ten-year-old girl immersed in rerun after rerun doesn’t develop a passion for a ’57 Ford?
my debut poetry collection, the moon won't be dared
a short story
Some thoughts on my latest book, a winter night, just out from Unsolicited Press, originally published in Monkeybicycle
My feminism began with my father, who wanted sons. Had I been one he’d have named me Paul after my mother’s father, or Bruce, after no one he knew. He…
I recently took part in a virtual author event with two other women writers. Let me say how much I have come to appreciate the magic of Zoom video…
Sat. March 6, 2021 at 3:00 pm EST
My first short story was written on brown paper using a second-hand Underwood typewriter I picked up at an antiques store. I felt so writerly, perched…
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